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Happy Resurrection! What Now?

I shy away from blogging on Easter weekends—probably because the greatest point in history needs no commentary from a first-year geek at her Macbook. It speaks powerfully enough without my help.

It's Monday. Easter has come and gone, and it's amazing how neatly we tuck the climax of history—Jesus' death and resurrection, HALLELUJAH!—into one weekend. We've spent a few days appreciating it; now it's back to work. Life goes on, doesn't it?

It does, but that doesn't mean that the miracle of Jesus' death and resurrection should stay sealed in a few annual days. The body didn't stay in the tomb, y'all. It couldn't be contained, couldn't be dismissed or tucked away or allowed to fade into memory. It rose. He rose. And his living legacy is still touching every part of the world in the same way his story is still touching every day of our lives—not just Easter weekend.

We don't need a get-together or a special church service to glorify Christ for his work on the cross. We need to live for him, to testify to his life with our redeemed lives, any and all times of the year. Sometimes we may feel numb to the story we've heard so many times, but don't stay there. That apathy is Satan's work, blinding us to the scope of what was done for us, making us easy prey for the lies that say we aren't really saved, that our sins aren't really washed away, that we're just a lost cause after all...

NO! Fight that!

Jesus died on the cross for us. For you. He rose so that you can look Satan in the face and say, "Get behind me. You've got nothing on me anymore." And if the haze of apathy is still there, numbing you to the enormity of what Jesus did, the miracle of your clean heart before him, find the something that cuts through that fog. Find that verse, that song, that movie, that painting, that quiet spot that brings the full weight of his death down on you, that brings you to stinging, cleansing tears of gratitude.

I'm a visual and musical gal. I'm glad I had a mask in church yesterday because the choir singing "Forgiven" had me in full scrunch-face crying mode. Combine that with The Chosen Season 2 premiere (aaah!) and the live Sights & Sounds production of JESUS, and I felt the weight this weekend, y'all. I did, and I'm so, so thankful.

We don't need to spend every second in grateful tears, but we must let the resurrection story shine from our hearts every day. We are resurrected with Christ. When he rose, he brought us with him. He has made us new, and that's a story we can tell with the testimony of our lives, every day of our lives. Starting now.

Happy Easter. Happy Resurrection. Let's go tell the world what Christ did for us.

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