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Insights of the Round Table

It's 10:30 p.m. and I'm sitting on the floor with my puppy, tired, but feeling that inner twist of inspiration that keeps me from calling it a day. I could wait to write this post tomorrow. Honestly, I probably should.

But I can't help it—I'm feeling thankful and reflective. It's just a blogging kind of night.

I'm thankful in particular for a conversation around the dinner table a few nights ago—a kind of round-table discussion on some challenging passages in Scripture, some struggle areas, some things that inspire us, a dash of debate and a dollop of thanks and a whole lot of God is good. I'm thankful for a laugh we had as we all realized that we were comparing ourselves to each other. I was looking at my fellows at the round table and feeling inferior next to their epic Bible routines; they were looking at mine and feeling the same way. Some of us like debating new ideas; some of us like savouring the simple bread-and-butter. Some of us worship best through singing; some live out the song of worship in our hearts through action. All of us love Jesus.

It was a really great chat.

As humans, we will constantly battle the temptation to compare ourselves. We will measure ourselves against the people we admire; we will beat ourselves up if our devotions don't look like Person Z's or if our prayer life takes a different form, or if our worship is quieter or louder or more subdued or more exuberant. We will spend our lives fighting the battle of comparison—and all it does is distract from what matters. Christ.

God did not make all of us different with the expectation that we would then cram ourselves into an identical mold. No, He custom-crafted us with the full and loving knowledge that our faith-walks would be as unique as we are, and be acceptable in His sight because of where they come from—hearts full of love for Him. It is so beautiful when Christians find a space to look at each other, appreciate our differences, and rejoice in how masterfully Jesus Christ binds all of us together in spite of it.

We are all on a journey as believers. All our roads lead to heaven, but those roads will look different, and that variety—that complexity—is something to rejoice in. So while walking the path God has set before you, find joy in lifting others up when you meet at forks in the road. Take a moment to marvel, to appreciate how God is working in others, and to give thanks for the intricately diverse ways in which He crafts, equips, and grows us all in exactly the ways we need.

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1 Comment

Emma Flournoy
Emma Flournoy
Sep 09, 2022

This is so good; thank you.

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