I'm a high school student, dishwasher and daydreamer born and raised in Ontario, Canada. I love writing and serving Jesus (especially at once) and live with my family, bookshelves, and good ol' Underwood typewriter.


Storytelling is my absolute PASSION. I have a tendency to spend more time in the clouds than I do on solid ground (but, hey, what kind of fantasy enthusiast would I be if I didn't?) and if I could do nothing but write for a day . . . well, I probably have.  And it was probably great.


My debut novel, The Heir of Ariad, is available for purchase! Details below.


Coming Soon . . .
The Flame of Ariad

Inspired by the legendary historical account of the Exodus, this YA epic fantasy is available for purchase on Amazon, Indigo.ca, Barnes and Noble online, and more.

A young sky-born warrior flees his home a fugitive to discover his calling as Ariad's long-awaited deliverer.

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My AuthorTube channel is up and running as the new archive for my Ariad adventure! 

I hope to share writing experiences, behind-the-pages Ariad info, and more miscellaneous musings every third Wednesday at 10am.

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& DON'T MISS . . .

  • The Heir of Ariad Gallery, featuring art, photos, and concept sketches from my WIP series and my adventure in writing, has finally arrived! Check it out here!

  • The King's Library: David and Goliath, by my brother/Heir of Ariad concept artist, Brent Florica, is available for purchase! Some of Brent's art will be featured on The Heir of Ariad gallery, and you can check out his adorable children's series here!


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