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About Me

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I'm Niki—logophile, introvert, daydreamer. I love writing and serving the true Aslan (especially at once), believe Latin is immortal, and live with my legendary family, growing book collection, and good ol' Underwood typewriter.


Storytelling is my PASSION. I tend to spend more time in the clouds than I do on solid ground (the glassy stare gives me away) and if I could do nothing but write for a day . . . well, I probably have.  And it was probably great.

My Writing

Once upon a time, I wrote a book and published it. Tolkien could give me plenty of pointers, but for a high schooler's debut, it's exciting and imaginative and powerful and the first of a saga I hope to revisit one day, when my Author and Finisher says the timing is right.


You can find it right here.

And rest assured, the project may be shelved for now, but my imagination never sleeps. 

Want to know what I'm working on now?

Become part of my writing journey, with the inside scoop on my fantasies-in-progress.

Find me on YouTube!

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I'm back on AuthorTube!


Check out my channel for great stuff to come! Writing vlogs, bookish rants, miscellaneous musings from yours truly, and maybe even the odd live stream! Don't forget to hit that big red button...

Let's Connect!

I love to write, but I can't do it without amazing people like you. Let's connect! Find me in the clouds on Facebook and Instagram, talking blogs, books and blessings.

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