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Thesis from Jesus

Exam week. Crunch time. An onslaught of assignments and summatives crammed into the same stressful, high-intensity seven days. Among other things, my history class was tasked on Thursday to write an essay worth a good chunk of our final mark, and until yesterday—Sunday—afternoon, I had no idea where to start.

The thesis is always the hardest part. The jumping-off point without which nothing can be accomplished. So I needed a thesis. Simple, right? I had done work like this before, dealt with this exact history-class situation, and the Lord had always provided a decent argument. No sweat.

Except, you know, sweat. Because Thursday, Friday, Saturday passed, and still: no thesis. Despite almost four hours on Saturday of pouring over my notes, I was going nowhere fast . . . and I was starting to get anxious.

I was grasping at theses in my dreams that night, but when Sunday morning yielded no results, I went to church fighting stress. Fortunately, God had it all in hand, because the message that morning was a special delivery from Him straight to my heart.

It was a sermon about the disciples and the storm at sea, when the waves were pounding the boat and Jesus was asleep in the hold, and they had already decided they were dead men before they awoke him in panic. Jesus' response was: "Where is your faith?"

And in my fifth bench, taking notes, I got the message loud and clear.

God is amazing. I went home after church serenely resolved to give history class, my essay, and my final mark over to God. I was going to have faith, I was going to trust that He could provide a thesis, if He chose, that if He didn't, I would accept His will, and it would all work together for good. Jesus was asking me where my faith was, and I was going to pass this test.

And would you believe it? By the time I sat in my fifth bench again that afternoon, not only did I have a working thesis, but a reinforced faith along with it.

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