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Sealed in His Name

There is something so nostalgic about snail mail. A couple days ago, I received a card in the mail from a friend, and it just infused my day with that dose of encouragement I can always use more of! Being the creative gal she is, she even sealed the envelope—as in, with a seal. A wax seal. I, for one, thought that was fantastic.

I've always loved the idea of having my own seal. There's something so official and authoritative about it. It's not just a symbol: it's a declaration of where the subject came from, whose name it comes in, and the purpose it was sent to fulfill. And though I may not be able to go to Michael's to pick up my own sealing wax, I can thank God that I myself am sealed—officially and authoritatively—by the blood of Christ.

As redeemed children of God, we bear Jesus' mark, and it is both a responsibility and a privilege. When our lives are clearly stamped with the symbol of Christ—with a renewed mind, a changed and humble heart, the Fruits of the Spirit, lips full of praise—it is a declaration of where we've come from. We've walked in sin, been shackled by it, found freedom in Christ, and are sent by him into this world to deliver the message he entrusts to us. We come from Jesus—his seal testifies to that. He is the starting place, the one who sent us where we are today.

Jesus' seal on us also declares the name in which we live. If we wear it like the badge of honour it is, there will be no mistaking whose name we live to represent. That is our responsibility as Christ's messengers to the world.

Which of course, is our purpose, and the purpose to which the seal binds us. We are Christ's messengers, entrusted with the Truth and sent in his name to share it with the world. Being sealed by his blood, we can settle for no less than that: we must never get so comfortable in the "mailbag" that we ignore a chance to put the message in a recipient's hands, or permit a gust of wind to blow us off-course, or allow Christ's seal to be stained, broken, or worn down by the forces of this world. Our purpose is to reach those to whom Christ has sent us: after all, while being sealed in his name is a wonder and a blessing, it is also our great responsibility!

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