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Off the Safe Path

I've been thinking a lot about courage.

It's not something I have in abundance, and in truth, it's not a trait that I often think to strive for. The word conjures visions of dragon-slaying and sword-fighting and setting off upon wild adventures, and though I love to write about things like that . . . I don't have much experience with living them. So in day to day life, I focus on practicing other traits, like patience and kindness, honesty, fruits of the Spirit. Maybe that's how I've managed to get this far on such low reserves of bold bravery.

It's a word we don't use very often these days, and perhaps I'm not the only one who's lost sight of its daily relevance. But lately, as God has been nudging me closer and closer to the rim of my comfort zone, I've realized how timeless the concept of courage is, though it takes different forms for everyone. God is convicting me of the fear and insecurity that have prevented me from pursuing my purpose to the fullest extent. Perhaps He's convicting you as well, and if so, I hope you can be reassured in knowing that you aren't alone.

In the quest of authordom, no great feat is accomplished without venturing down uncertain roads and leaving the safe path behind. It's a lesson I've been learning since I first set out with The Heir of Ariad, and I will likely continue learning it in the years to come. I'm realizing that this time of self-isolation is an opportunity: a chance to try things, get creative, and push myself onto unknown paths. That's not a cozy concept for me, but nothing worth endeavouring is easy, is it?

God is calling us to new leaps of faith—calling us to place more faith in Him by trusting the work He is doing in us, and trusting Him to walk beside us as we step off the safe path, into our adventure.

"This is my command: be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." ~Joshua 1:9

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