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Happy Release Week to H.A. Pruitt's, Earth Quaking!

Big news, y'all! One of my lovely author friends, H.A. Pruitt, is celebrating the release of Earth Quaking, the second book in her Christian fantasy series, Anelthalien.

I've blogged about Anelthalien before (check out my review here), and being a part of the launch team for Earth Quaking has been such a blessing. Not only have I learned a lot about what a launch team looks like, but I've also been able to see how much this story means to the author and to everyone who reads it. And on that note...

"If you ever knew something wasn't quite right, Anelthalien is waiting.

Shaken from their encounter with the cloaked figure, Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew continue their quest across Anelthalien to find and end the evil throne. Fractured by a secret among them, the heroes escape into a forest trembling with Anelthalien's memories. Their goal to reach the evil throne dims, though, as the elements, obscure foes, and the past push them to doubt their mission and even if they can trust one another.

Kindle, Tad, Ella, and Andrew must remember who they can trust or their disunity will rip all hope away from them and Anelthalien."

Buy your Earth Quaking ebook (and soon, paperback!) here, and don't forget to check out the trailer!

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