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Anelthalien, by H.A. Pruitt: Review

Kindle is sick of being unexceptional—that is, until a mysterious necklace transports her to the world of Anelthalien, where suddenly, she is anything but. One of four necklace-bearers torn from their lives by the same strange call, Kindle just wants to return to her life. But Anelthalien needs something different.

When Kindle and the others uncover the truth of Anelthalien's dark history, returning home becomes secondary to a higher purpose. Along with thoughtful Andrew, unperturbable Ella, and Tad, a boy as explosive as he is hurting, Kindle is now part of a link between Anelthalien's past and its darkening future.

Since joining the launch team for Anelthalien's *coming* sequel, I've been itching to review H.A. Pruitt's debut novel—a delightful journey through a world of strange creatures and magical lore. Four kids called by a mysterious power into an unexpected adventure? That's a classic recipe for a top-notch story, and I really enjoyed following Kindle, Andrew, Ella, and Tad on the first leg of their quest!

Anelthalien addresses a plethora of struggles, from finding a purpose to battling deception to wading through the fear that too often cripples us. It features some great words of wisdom and teasing hints of a cute teen romance; plus, the world itself feels vast—a promise of adventure ahead! Anelthalien does exude younger vibes than the YA novels I'm used to, the cast ranging from elementary to high school age and actually acting like it, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. It's refreshing to see characters resonate as kids rather than the typical YA Fantasy powerhouses in hormonal teenage bodies that—let's be real—how many of us can really relate to? By contrast, Pruitt's young heroes are genuine, flawed, super accessible, and a huge part of Anelthalien's charm.

Content Notes: nothing to report. Anelthalien is imaginative, engaging, and clean!

To conclude, Anelthalien is well worth the read—a creative and meaningful first installment of a creative and meaningful adventure. It captivated me from cover to cover and I look forward to seeing the magic continue in book two!

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