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Congratulations, Olivia Kidston!

Yesterday I had the extreme pleasure of attending a book launch for my good friend Olivia's new fantasy novel, Live in the Moment. It was so incredible to feel such support and warmth in the room, and I was so inspired by the wonderful buzz of excitement surrounding my friend's beautiful new book!

Thinking back on my own book launch for The Heir of Ariad, it truly was a team endeavour. The family and friends I had to support me gave me the courage, means, and magical setting to do something I may never have done otherwise, and I will forever be thankful to every one of those people for making the impossible possible. Watching the talented Olivia Kidston shine yesterday among such friends, family, and excited book-browsers, I felt so blessed to have joined the celebration for the end of her publishing quest. It truly is a remarkable feat and I could not have been prouder of my fellow writer and amazing friend!

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