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Blessed Book Signing!

This past Saturday I had the pleasure and honour of attending a book signing hosted by a wonderful family friend. It was my first signing since The Heir of Ariad launch in August (oh, the memories!) and it couldn't have been more enjoyable!

Chronic introvert that I am, putting myself out there at events like this calls for a serious venture out of the ol' comfort zone. But just like in August (check out my post-launch ponderings here) God used this opportunity to show me just how rewarding that can be. From my amazing hostess and the beautiful setting to all the supportive folks who dropped in, I was reminded yet again of God's goodness and grace to shower me with oh-so-many blessings!

My thanks go out to Melody (for hosting, and being fabulous at it) to my mom (for driving, supporting, and being generally amazing) and to everyone who came by to say hello, grab a book, and absolutely make my day. It was such a warm, memorable experience, and I owe that to God and all of you.

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