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Back on YouTube! And How That Miracle Happened

The title says it all. After a little hiatus to get myself organized and listen for God's guiding voice, I'm resurrecting the ol' AuthorTube channel and I'm actually super excited about it.

I was never comfortable with the whole YouTube thing, and that's why I didn't last long the first time around. But one thing I've learned this year is that God doesn't always ask us to do comfortable things. I heard him calling me back to the channel—loud and clear—and I couldn't ignore that push. That call to step out of my comfort zone, face my fear, and overcome it by the grace of God.

I'm two videos in. My WHERE I WENT WRONG video is a fun and honest "welcome-back" that speaks to a major problem I didn't even know I had while writing my first fantasy project. Those of you who have read said project (and even those who haven't)—I think you'll really like it!

Next was SUMMER WRITING GOALS 2021 because—be proud of me, y'all—I am REFUSING to waste this summer! I wanted to get myself organized and make the most of my months off school, so this video and my killer lineup of writing goals is the first step in the "Get Niki Organized Fast Plan."

Now, I'm sure you're wondering. If I hated the YouTube thing so much just a few months ago, why am I trying again? How can I possibly feel so different now?

God is the only answer. My change of perspective is sudden, not only in the YouTube arena but in other areas of my life as well. God has used the past months to flip a switch in me that is drastically changing the way I see myself. Perfection is becoming less important: authenticity is taking precedence. I don't want to be afraid to put myself out there: I want to be excited to glorify God through a writing adventure that doesn't have to perfect or successful. A writing adventure that can be a total flop, but still honour Him!

That is what I want. I want God to be glorified in this channel. And while my videos are still very much about writing and bookishness, I want Him to be a part of it. I plan to post some raw, honest testimony videos of what has really been going on with my publishing fiasco the last few years. I hope to do some livestreams, to share more of the real me, to inspire people to write, and also inspire people to write truth.

God is so good, so big, and so creative. I'm holding this channel up to Him and asking Him to take it. And I'm also showing it to you, so y'all can help me along.

I'd love, love, love it if you'd subscribe to the channel. Feel free to like, comment, share, and laugh with me as I work out the kinks, grapple with camera quality issues, and raspberry my way through blunders. Your support means so much to me—it has from the beginning. Thank you all for being part of it.

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