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A Message from the Prophets of Old

I'm fascinated by the concept of ancient prophets. Men and women selected by God to be the mouthpieces of divine messages—often outcast from society, ignored or called foolish, feared or hated or both, and always sustained by the very hand of God.

What would it have been like to experience that calling? To spend days spouting messages that you might never see manifested, that you might never understand?

A sermon brought that to my attention recently, and it fascinated me all the more: that the Isaiahs and the Ezekiels and the Davids give us such great insight into Christ, but only because we have the full story today. They didn't. They wrote the prologue, but never saw the ending. Never even saw the narrative.

How much more faith would they have needed to bear that kind of mystery? I mean look at us: we're facing global uncertainty for the first time in years and years, and already there is fear as everything we thought was the future is suddenly unclear. But we have the full revelation of Christ—the great saga of God's love and provision for us, written before the dawn of time and unspooling everyday since! If we can't trust in that God knows what He's doing, we who understand so much more of His plan than the prophets—how on earth did they find courage in prophesying a Messiah they would never even see?

And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee: for thou, Lord, hast not forsaken them that seek thee. ~Psalm 9:10

A quote from good ol' King David puts the answer in perspective. The prophets didn't need the full story, start to finish. They didn't need to have all the answers in advance. They had the LORD Jehovah, the same LORD who rules today. They knew, just as we do, that He cares for His own, and if that was enough to sustain them in the uncertainty they faced, it is more than enough for us today.

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