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How Was Your Productive-in-Its-Own-Way Thursday?

Now, I typically don't write my Thankful Thursday posts at eight o'clock on Thursday night, but when life hands you lemons and a busy day, you make lemonade at your earliest convenience.

So, here we are. I had a relatively unproductive 24 hours, all things considered—one of those days when every task seems to take an eternity and leaves you feeling utterly devoid of accomplishment. But in a way, I suppose that's just a matter of perspective. Our need to constantly operate at maximum productivity often tells us what an ideal day looks like, but prevents us from being thankful for all the days in between.

I could choose to write this day off as a waste. A collection of squandered hours that yielded very little from a practical perspective. But I could also choose to invert my perspective, to look at what I did accomplish, humble as those accomplishments may have been, instead of dwelling on the infinite tasks I could have completed, but didn't.

I drove my mom to the store today (#drivingpractice), texted with a friend, and read a few chapters of a Jane Austen novel I'll need to have finished for class at some point. I started memorizing some Disney bops while staging the quirky writer-ish picture on the cover of this blog post, and you know what? I had fun. I didn't crash the car. I even managed a half-decent parking job on the first try. I lived, I didn't check everything off my to-do list, but I enjoyed the bite-sized gift of life that was another beautiful today.

You accomplished something today. Yes, you—I'm talking to you. Maybe you made a meal that just hit the spot, and I don't care if it was boxed Kraft Dinner or fettuccini alfredo. Maybe you blitzed the vacuuming, or finished that chapter you've been working on for weeks, or finally got to the end of Leviticus, or were just a really awesome mom or dad or sister or brother or friend today.

You accomplished something today because God gave you the strength and breath and energy and courage to get out of bed and keep livin' life. Tomorrow is a new day, but don't write this one off without giving thanks for your custom-made, productive-in-its-own-way Thursday.

"This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." ~Psalm 118:24

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