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Gimme a Boost?

Back to the grind after another blessed Thanksgiving—a strange one, mind you, with only my immediate family—but still a celebration of all the good that God has wrought in my life. So, don't cry because it's over, Niki; smile because it happened, and then dive into the midterm assignments you have due this week.

School thus far has gone at a manageable pace, and I'm hopeful that with the Lord's help I can have my assignments wrapped up by week's end. Being at home allows me maximum time for productivity as long as I'm disciplined, but just because I've started to find a groove doesn't mean I can handle it on my own. And with Ariad (my fantasy project) breathing down my neck from the back burner I've set it on (pardon the mixed metaphors), I've started to feel my handle on the situation slipping.

It's interesting how we can petition the Lord for help with something, and then when He gives us the boost we need, we assume we can handle the rest and proceed to tackle the road ahead without Him. Do we think God's help is like learning to ride a bike? All we need is a push and then, "Thanks, God, but I've got it from here?"

It sounds just about as ridiculous as it is, but for some reason, I still struggle with it. God has been good in helping me to handle my workload so far, and He's even given me peace where Ariad has concerned, despite all the fears whispering in the back of my mind, fears that people will get tired of waiting for the next instalments, that the story will never get finished, never go anywhere.

No. I know that God has put me on this path, and I've made the choice to place Ariad, school, and everything else in His hands. What I'm learning, however, is that surrender of this kind isn't a one-time thing. It's a constant. A continual exercise in faith and trust and surrender.

Living close to God, truly drawing near to Him, means depending on Him for everything. Seeking an intimate relationship with Him means seeking His strength, His guidance for everything, and rejecting the fleshly assumption within us that says we can handle the rest ourselves, or that all we need is a boost.

We need more than a boost. I need more than a boost. Without God running beside me, holding me up, keeping me on course, I can wobble my way a few feet down the road of life before everything starts to tip out of control. As followers of God, we need Him for everything—every inch, every foot, every mile of progress—and not only do we need a boost to get us started, we need His support as a constant. That means putting our lives in His hands not only when the journey begins, but every day, every time we start to tip, with every obstacle and pothole and uphill struggle. God is with us and for us—so much more than a boost when we think we need Him.

Because here's the thing: we always need Him. Recognizing that reality is the first step toward a beautiful, meaningful, exhilarating ride with Him.

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