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Because Prayer Works

This Thankful Thursday, I'm grateful that prayer works. In more ways than one, I've seen my most fervent prayers yielding fruits in the lives of people I care about lately—convicting, relieving, teaching, guiding—and I'm so very heartened by it! I've always known that prayer is effective, but it in some instances and periods of my life, that has been more head knowledge than spiritual certainty. I recently asked God to show me His Spirit at work, and He has responded by doing just that, bolstering both my understanding and my faith in the process.

God is so good. He has been opening my eyes lately to the power in the words we know so well: "Ask, and you shall receive." My desires aren't always in the right place, but when I came to Him with a true desire to know His voice, to see His Spirit at work, He responded by granting me glimpses into the battle raging in spiritual realms all around us. On some levels, it's frightening. On others, however, it's a remarkable blessing. Because God heard my prayer and responded by pouring out the blessing of new understanding upon me.

Prayer works. Not always in the ways we expect, not always in the cookie-cutter outcomes we may look for, but God and His Holy Spirit are constantly moving in our lives and in the lives of those around us. This week, God has touched my heart with a new understanding of and appreciation for prayer, and this Thankful Thursday, I'm rejoicing in the good I see Him doing in the folks around me, and in my own heart.

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