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An ESPECIALLY Thankful Thursday!

As some of you may already know, The Heir of Ariad Book Launch is scheduled for Saturday, August 24th, exactly one month after my July release date. I've been advertising for the past month or so with the intention of selling copies of The Heir of Ariad at the event, and guess what? We're go for launch!

Up until last week, the story was a little different. Even with my launch scheduled a whole month after release, I discovered a pretty significant possibility that copies of The Heir of Ariad wouldn't arrive in time. After advertising book sales as a high point of the event, a no-go would have been both embarrassing and disappointing. I was faced with a choice: do I make a disclaimer? Put the word out that book sales won't be happening? Alter my advertising to cover my back in case the books don't arrive in time?

Well. That, I'll admit, was what first crossed my mind. Emergency procedures, cleanup, fixing the problem myself. But when I asked God about it, I couldn't escape the feeling that this wasn't what He wanted of me. He had given me a chance, an opportunity to prove that my faith goes deeper than the surface. And when I talked to one of the mentors in my life, I heard the same thing: don't fix anything. Just trust.

The books weren't scheduled to arrive until the last minute, within days of the launch.

The launch is weeks away, and you know what? I've got five boxes of The Heir of Ariad, ready to go.

Don't tell me God doesn't work miracles.

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