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A Sliver of Perspective

Perspective is a gift.

God knew we couldn't handle the full, grandiose scope of everything He's doing in our lives, so he gave us limited sight. A piece of the puzzle—our small, incomplete, but seemingly all-consuming perspectives of life. They're a gift in that we are not crushed by the overwhelming weight of the big picture, but Satan can use that gift and twist it to his advantage as well.

C.S. Lewis' Screwtape talks about time as a spiritual thing. The present is where time touches eternity, where we find communion with God. The past is a fixed entity Satan can use to trip us up and keep us from moving forward. The future is where anxiety, stress, and fear are rooted. Satan likes to keep us there—obsessing, wondering, fixing more and more of our focus on the tiny slivers of our skewed perspectives.

I'm as guilty as anyone. After just a few years of writing that didn't go as planned, half of me is ready to throw in the towel. I mean, it's been years. It's not meant to be, right?

My perspective of the past says that five years is a long time. My perspective of the present says it's not worth trying because my perspective of the future says it'll never amount to anything.

And then there's God, to whom five years is so much less than a drop in the bucket, shaking his head and saying, "Girl, you have no idea how small you're thinking. I am Eternity and Sovereignty and Creativity. I have big things for you. Five years. Pfft."

When you catch yourself spelling out the story of your life based on a sliver of perspective, stop. Think—really think—about how little you see. How small your perspective really is compared to God's limitless oversight. Think about how much God loves you, how creative and BIG He is. What you call impossible He can bring into being with a thought. And if He decides not to, that's because He has something BIGGER and BETTER for you. You cannot lose. Don't trust your sliver of perspective—trust God's big picture.

**Featured in the cover photo is a "sliver" of an illustration from Alexandria Miracola's coming children's story, Chip and the Book of Rose Leaves. Check out the Kickstarter here!**

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