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60 Seconds of Solid Gratitude—GO!

Despite the mountain of bookish research I could be doing at present, I'm taking a brief respite to enjoy this fine Thankful Thursday morning, and to draw a deep breath of gratitude before plunging into the grind. Have a stressful day ahead? Feel free to join me! I promise, it'll only take a minute.

This week, I know exactly what I'm thankful for: unexpected encouragement and guidance from a new friend God brought into my life days ago. At a time of stress and confusion in which I was questioning His will at every turn, God found a way to nudge me in the right direction—not through frantic prayer or a message in the sky, but through the wisdom and support of a friend. Not only did He give me direction, but He showed me another of the ways in which He reveals His will, answering a question I've truly been grappling with lately.

This new friendship can only be described as a God-hug, and heaven evidently knows how much I needed it. So there it is—my Thankful Thursday in 60 seconds.

Your turn—try it out! Grab a pen or computer, start the timer, and pour yourself into 60 seconds of solid gratitude. The thankfulness you channel might just be the burst of encouragement and energy you need to face the day ahead.

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