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Secrets of the past and a traitor's legacy have forced Kyrian to carve a place among his people at the price of his own sweat and blood. Ariad is withering. The Skies seem a strange place to die of thirst, but no one can bring the Rains against the tyrant ruler’s will, and no one dares to revolt against an invisible king.


But there is a force at work beyond Kyrian's sight. A powerful, masterful will. 


Suddenly, there is blood on his hands, the Skies are filled with enemies, and the only way to escape a dark end is to flee the clouds forever. But there in the Lands waits a powerful prophecy—along with a powerful weapon—and as Ariad withers to dust, all hope may rest with the one young warrior who fled his home a fugitive . . . and must return to it a king.



~Reader Reviews~

"I devoured. Could not put it down. . . . Loved those subtle hints in italics under the chapter title. I had to reread afterwards because I was too much in a rush the first time." ~E.R., Ontario

"Unique, rich story world." ~Kasey Giard, The Story Sanctuary

"So very riveting . . . beautifully written. For these last few days I have been lost in the sorrow of the Green Lands, steaming at the evil of Tasnil, praying the Heir does not lose faith. . . . An upstanding work, and well done." ~J.N., Saskatchewan

"An amazing book! I honestly couldn't put it down!" ~M.R., Ontario

"Can't wait for the next one!" ~A.R., Ontario

"The characters are all so well-formed, and easy to relate to and understand. . . . Be prepared to want the sequel!" ~Raechel, God's Peculiar Treasure

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