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Which Heir of Ariad Creature Are You? Results

Cabins in Wood

A: Adamun

Congratulations! You're a descendant of the Adamun—the industrious, down-to-earth, and indomitable race of Men. Rest assured, being human in Ariad is by no means ordinary. You are one of an elusive minority that has proven more resilient, more honourable, and more cunning than anyone expected. You are a survivor.

Characters:  Brondro Tarmilis, Caynan

Image by Mehdi Sepehri

B: Birdfolk

You're a child of the birdfolk!

It's an honourable bloodline, split into 3 tribes—Robins, Ravens, and Jays. Common traits among them are hollow bones, silent footfalls, heightened senses, and astounding balance. They're also great singers, and with their keen sensory abilities, make pretty lethal warriors.

Characters: Rydel of Robinsdel, Camuel of Robinsdwel

Image by Jason Blackeye

C: Skyad

As far as nobility goes, you're in the upper class. The Skyads are the ruling elites of Ariad, one of the Duriyal—the 3 Noble Races. They are mighty warriors, gifted with the ability to walk on the clouds, and extremely competitive, but are usually bound by an impeccable code of honour. You're in noble company.

Characters: Lord Thunderfoot, Melkian of Rosghel

Image by Aditya Chinchure

D: Naiad

In a world of warriors, peacemakers are in high demand. You belong to the one of the oldest, wisest, and most beloved strains of the Duriyalresponsible for 

upholding the Ancient Law, judging weighty 

controversies, and keeping the peace with wisdom and compassion.

Characters: Elillian of Dunbrielle, Gilvonel the Ear

Which Heir of Ariad Character Are You? Results


A: Kyrian

You are impulsive, good-hearted, and driven by emotions. You feel things very deeply, which can make you hotheaded and/or slightly reckless at times. You have a strong moral compass, and when you see something wrong, you feel a need to do what you can to make it right. People know they can trust you, and would have a hard time disliking your genuine, vibrant personality.


B: Brondro

You are introverted, compassionate, and at times, self-deprecating. You tend to blame yourself for things that may not be your fault, but you have a reputation for honesty and kindness and because of that, people trust you. You are well-liked for your generous and patient nature, and for being an amazing listener. You have many friends who genuinely respect you and lean on you for support.


C: Rydel

You are smart, introspective, and emotionally reserved. You have keen insight when it comes to people and situations, and people usually trust your opinion. You enjoy being alone and having time to reflect, and need to be comfortable with someone before you open up to them. You are often reserved, think actions speak louder than words, and are a true and fiercely loyal friend. 


D: Elillian

You are compassionate, selfless, and sensitive to the feelings of those around you. You find fulfillment in helping others, and can't stand it when things are tense between friends. You're a peacemaker, and people come to you for wisdom and support. You like feeling needed, and you are known as a wonderful friend who can be trusted to do the right thing, and who will be there for others no matter what.

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