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Who Holds the Pen

After a long dry spell in the inspiration department, you can imagine my delight when not long ago I was blissfully drenched by a plotstorm from heaven.

The Heir of Ariad is now available on various online platforms including Amazon (click here to place your order!) and has recently been welcomed into the world at a wonderful launch party this last Saturday! (More on that here.) I'm thanking God for the work He has done in bringing this project to publication, but that said, The Heir's release does mark a brand new time-crunch: the need to produce its sequel in as little time as possible.

Early drafts for the next book in The Ariad Series have already been undertaken, but as is typical, have hit some pretty serious roadblocks. I was lost in a muddle of plot-threads and character arcs that needed to connect but seemed a thousand leagues apart, overwhelmed by the knowledge that with The Heir's release, I was signing up for an accelerated turn-around on book two. But still, I didn't panic. This journey has brought me far enough to have learned by now that God is good, He's in control, and He hasn't failed me yet.

So what did I do? Well, I went downstairs and sat down before my physics-student-brother's wall of whiteboards. Notebook and pen in hand, I bowed my head and prayed to the King of all Creation to guide and inspire my plotstorming.

And oh, did He inspire.

Anyone who happened to drift near the open door heard me squealing as I frantically wrote skeins of plot across the whiteboard, sending ecstatic thank yous to the Author and Finisher as disjointed threads weaved into a mental tapestry. Plot holes that had been yawning for months were suddenly filling, questions suddenly finding answers in the answers that, until then, hadn't even had questions. I really and truly could not believe the unmistakable divinity of that plotstorm—the sudden downpour of revelation that had been months evading me.

Now, there are still loose threads to tie up and questions yet to be answered, but the muddle of disjointed plans looks clearer, and I have been encouraged. It was exactly the kind of writer's miracle I needed to remind me of who really holds the pen in this adventure.

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