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We Are the Messengers Now

All right, y'all, who watched The Chosen Christmas Special on Sunday? If you did, please accept my fist bump through your computer screen. If you didn't—well. It's worth a watch. Powerful, beautiful stuff.

In addition to stunning musical numbers and an excellent Christmas episode, several of the actors from The Chosen cast performed monologues on the names of God throughout redemptive history. Ironically, it was Judas Iscariot's (or rather, Luke Dimyan's) words that packed the most punch for me. I couldn't help smiling—the shivery, excited kind of smile—as he stared into the camera and said, "We're the messengers now."

Boom. Enough said. I could end this post right here.

We are the messengers now.

See, God used messengers all throughout history to speak to the world and His people. He used angels to deliver important prophecies or promises of things to come. He used Moses to deliver His law to the children of Israel, and prophets to keep whoever was listening on the path toward Him in ancient times.

He used a heavenly host to tell some shepherds about a child born in a stable. He used those shepherds to tell the town of Bethlehem that their deliverance—their salvation—had finally come. He used the apostles to spread the Good News of Christ after he had died and risen again to save us from our sins.

But what now? What next? The disciples are long-dead; the prophets are ancient history. Who will be God's messengers to a world that still needs Him today?

We are the messengers now.

II Corinthians 4:13 says, "I believed, and therefore have I spoken." Salvation and silence are opposing forces: the believer in Christ cannot keep quiet about what the Lord has done in our lives—rescuing us, loving us, descending from heaven to a filthy manger and a fragile form just to bring us up to heaven with him one day. If we believe, let us speak. Let's go tell it on the mountain. Let's proclaim the joy to the world because we are the ones who have truly tasted it. The world is still waiting for the message God sent two millennia ago, gift-wrapped in swaddling clothes. How many people still haven't received God's gift, just waiting for a messenger to come and let them know that, Guess what, world, peace on earth already arrived?

God is still using messengers today. And who are those messengers?

That's right.

We are.

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