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Tuesdays, Time, and Things to Do

Day two of March Break has begun and is stretching before me like an empty canvas of possibilities. Sitting here in my housecoat and PJs, surrounded by the notebooks, pens, highlighters and bible that mark my morning reading routine, I can't wait to start knocking things off the list of must-get-dones today. I have galley edits to complete for The Heir of Ariad, music to practice, marketing to do, not to mention that sequel I'm supposed to be writing in all that extra time....

I should be stressed, but for once, I'm not, and not only because it's March Break! I'm reminded of God's promise to be with me always and to care for me when I cast all my worries upon him. I'm also reminded of the widow in the story of Elijah, who gave away her flour and oil because Elijah asked it of her, and in exchange was rewarded with an unlimited supply!

Time can seem so restricting until it's given up to God. Just like the widow, it often happens that when I start my day by giving time to Him, He multiplies my productivity in all the hours to follow. How often have I looked back at the end of the day and marvelled at how much I was able to accomplish, if only by the blessing of God?

And so, as I close this blog post and prepare for the day before me, I dedicate the time ahead to the One who measured it out and pray that whatever I accomplish today, His will shall be done!

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1 Comment

Brent Florica
Brent Florica
Mar 27, 2019

Thanks for the excellent reminder Nik. It's easy in the muddle of things to forget that we serve a God who makes impossible things look like a typical day's work. Really appreciate the reminder to commit each second of the day ahead to the Lord, I certainly need it.

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