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True Romance

Like it or not, our society is saturated with the concept of romance. In February especially, we tend to be bombarded with commercialized amour in the forms of roses and candy-grams tied up with red velvet bows.

It's become so normalized that we seldom stop to think of the societal value that's been shoved down our throats like a heart-shaped box of chocolate—the idea that a life without romance is a life waiting to be complete. We've put so much emphasis on finding love that we'll do anything to better our chances, from altering our personalities to compromising our morals to changing our bodies to feel more desirable, even beautiful. But when did romance become the be-all-end-all of our lives? When did we become obsessed with eros as a cheap replacement for a deeper kind of love?

The more time I spend in this crazed and bustling world, the more thankful I am for the Saviour we serve and the love he showers down upon us every single day. Christ bled love for us, wept it in the garden, and even now he faithfully awaits us and adorns us with grace as his bride. Some, he does bless with a marriage romance, and that is a beautiful, priceless gift! But for those who stand alone in a world that seems built for two, how incredible to know that Jesus Christ himself is present and willing to be our first love!

Jesus can pick you out in a crowd simply by the shape of your heart. He knows your feelings like the back of his scarred hand and leaves gifts, just for you, that are new every morning. Jesus always listens, is always there to dry your tears. He loves you enough to die for you and he has chosen you as his bride, and if that's not a reason to be thankful, well . . . I don't know what is.

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