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Time Keeps on Slippin'

I feel like I've spent way too much of my life watching the clock.

Despite my early enthusiasm for it, I realized quickly as a six-year-old that school was not my favourite place to be, and as soon as I learned to tell time, I imagine I spent a lot of classes doing just that. Watching that minute hand tick slowly, slowly toward the next period, the next bell, the next end of the day. It's a nasty habit that's followed me through all of elementary and high school, and now with university looming before me . . . I can feel it getting primed and ready for another four years of clock-watching.

The thing is, all those hours I spent wishing away—they're gone. Irretrievably. Evaporated into the past. And I can't help but wonder, if I would have tried harder to savour those precious minutes God gave me, would I still feel like all those years passed in a rush?

My mum gave me some sound advice recently (as is her prodigious gift) and I'm really thankful for the opportunities to practice it at work, in class, and, well, anytime. She essentially said: work harder to embrace where you are right now. Don't think about time as something to get through—whether it's a tiring shift or a long class—think of it as the purpose God has given you in the present. The circumstance in which He has deliberately, meaningfully set you—which means you are exactly where the God of the Universe wants you to be.

Think about it.

I find it helps to put things in perspective. Even if I'd rather be somewhere else, even if I all I want is for this long day to be over so I can go home, that's not within my control. It's in God's. And He's decided that I'm needed exactly where I am, representing Him by how I live right now, not how I live once I get through this hour and back to what I'd rather be doing. We're supposed to do everything as if we're doing it for God, and that really does mean everything. It doesn't apply just to the time we get to fill, but also to the time God fills for us.

So this year, I have a Fall Semester Resolution, and you can join me! Let's savour God's gift of time by honouring Him in it. No matter what we're doing or how mundane it is, let's remember that we're there for a reason, that watching the clock won't speed up time, and it'll only distract us from facing the task we've been given right now, and doing it to the absolute best of our abilities, because that is our calling in Christ.

Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.Remember that the Lord will give you an inheritance as your reward, and that the Master you are serving is Christ. ~Colossians 3:23-24

Thank you, Mum, for the great advice!

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