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The War for Time

Crazy week, folks. Craaaazy week. Second-year has just begun and already there just aren't enough hours in the day; writing and AuthorTube and the blog are still vying for attention; my TBR is rapidly growing and my time for pleasure-reading is rapidly shrinking, and you know what the worst part is?

My God-time is under attack.

I'm probably not the only one fighting this constant battle against busyness in which God-time is usually one of the first casualties. I dedicate the first part of my day to Scripture and prayer, but sometimes that precious half-hour is so distracted by the to-do list hanging over my head that I leave it wondering what I even read. Then the day launches a full-scale assault: I spend the next hours just trying to hold my ground and rarely thinking about spiritual things or turning to God. Sometimes I'm too tired in the evenings to do more than a quick bedtime prayer. My fault? Absolutely. But the cycle is hard to break.

Over the summer, I always forget what a blessing and a luxury time is. Summer months are my time to recharge and recalibrate and reconnect with the God who will sustain me through the throes of university, and man, am I thankful for that time. Without those months to brace myself, I'd be splattered across the room, pulled in a hundred directions by a hundred different must-get-dones.

Thank you, Lord, for the growth you've brought about in me this summer. Thank you for building up my defenses and arming me with stronger spiritual weapons. Thank you for training me to have greater discipline and to trust your command more and more.

Summer's over. Reality is marching against us and Satan has new plans of attack, new ways to break down our connections to God. Let's push back. Let's prioritize our spiritual assets: prayer, the Word, fellowship, communion with Christ, and watch as God works out the details in His mighty way.

Let's make time for God and watch Him blaze a safe route through the spears and arrows of stress this fall. He's what matters; all our time is His. Let this be the fall that our God-time makes it through unscathed.

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