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The Novelty of a New Notebook

There's no denying that finishing a notebook brings a definite sense of accomplishment.

Regardless of what your notebooks might contain- journal entries, schedules, poetry, to-do lists- there's something satisfying in pages upon pages of pure, concentrated productivity. I love that feeling of completion that comes with another book filled from cover to cover- putting a period at the end of that last sentence, closing it with a smile of satisfaction, and tucking it away on a growing pile of story notebooks, to pull out on a rainy day. Half the fun is in looking back later and ripping the ideas to shreds, but the rest is the excitement of feeling just a teeny bit more like an author.

Of course, if there's one thing more satisfying than finishing a notebook, it's the anticipation of starting a new one!

I might be weird for this (in which case, don't judge me) but I tend to rank my surplus notebooks by order of inspiration and save the prettiest ones for... well, ever, I guess? Yeah, I have a tendency to save notebooks indefinitely, impractical as that may be. When I was little, I was even afraid to use art supplies for fear of running out.

I was a strange child.

Needless to say, I've had a beautiful hardcover book tucked away in my drawer for years, and I've been waiting for that perfect idea, that perfect opportunity, unwilling to waste it on anything unworthy. I don't know if I have the perfect idea, but I can't wait any longer! My fountain pen is ready for an all-star team up with Story Notebook: Volume IX!

So, here we go. Page one. Volume IX.

Where, oh, where to start....

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