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The Heir of Ariad: Book One- First Peek!

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

The Heir of Ariad: Book One is Niki Florica's debut novel, projected to release in 2019.

The Skies seem a strange place to die of thirst. But four years of drought and twenty beneath the phantom king who designed it have brought all of Ariad- even the Rain Realm- to its knees.

Kyrian would be proud to die among Skyads. The weight of a vanished father's legacy and the secrets of the past have forced him to carve a place among his people at the price of his own sweat and blood. Ariad is withering, and Kyrian knows it. But no one can fetch the Rains against the tyrant's will, and no one but the Creator who has vanished into legend can kill an invisible king.

But there are forces at work beyond Kyrian's sight. A powerful, masterful Will.

Suddenly, there is blood on his hands. The Skies are filled with enemies, and the only way to escape a dark end is to flee the clouds forever. But there in the Lands waits a powerful prophecy, along with a powerful weapon, and now as Ariad withers to dust, all hope may rest with the one young mortal who fled his home a fugitive, and must return to it a king.

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