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Thankful Thursday: Hope Ministries

Today I'm thanking God for the faithful men and women who face the fiercest spiritual warfare on the mission field each day.

Missionaries are an inspiration in so many ways. While we enjoy the luxuries of first world life, they sacrifice comfort for the greater calling of spreading the gospel to people in all corners of the earth. Gospel for Asia is bringing hope and joy to the masses in Asian countries; Lifesong School in Zambia is teaching children about Jesus and giving them futures through education. This weekend, I learned about Hope Ministries: a medical boat that travels down the Amazon river, helping and evangelizing to river communities in desperate need of Christ.

It is so convicting to see the faith that drives these hands and feet of God. It reminds me of the disciples Jesus called to follow him, who dropped everything they knew—livelihood, home, stability—to follow him into the unknown. Scott and Michelle Toth, creators of Hope Ministries, have dedicated their lives to their Brazilian mission, and it's making me think: what am I doing? What is my calling? Why am I where I am?

I know not everyone is called to foreign missions, but I also know that those of us here are not exempt from working in the harvest. I want the faith of a missionary—faith to set out on whatever path Jesus sets before me and rely on his provision alone. And I'm thankful for the examples we have of Christian soldiers who do just that, every day, on the spiritual battlefield.

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