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Thankful Thursday (except, you know, on a Friday)

Sorry, folks, I know I haven't been overly active in the blogging/social media world this week, but exams have thrown a wrench in my Heir of Ariad plans and, well, I've been just a tad pre-occupied.

Fortunately, though, having written my first exam today, I have a plethora of blessings to be thankful for! Yes, I know it's not Thursday, but perhaps you'd like to join me in counting just a few of the blessings I've found to be noteworthy this week.

1. Those who are in semestered high school can join me in celebrating the end of semester one! God is good all the time, and that has been true for these last few months, but it's always exciting to change up the routine with some new faces, new classes, and new subjects to study. Keeps things fresh.

2. Exam #1 is complete. Phew.

3. I survived this exceptionally intense week. Admittedly, before this semester, I don't believe I'd experienced "exam stress" in its true, concentrated form. This was probably the first time I've felt the full-scale weight of last-minute assignments, hefty summatives, and simultaneous exam prep, but God got me through and with His help I was able to be miraculously productive this week.

4. Big Heir of Ariad news.

To be revealed soon!

And finally . . .

5. God is good. Dumnezeu e bun! One of the most beautiful and indisputable facts of life, and the blessing through which all others flow.

I encourage you, regardless of what stresses you may be facing at present, to take a moment and compile a list of this week's heavenly highlights. How has God blessed you in the last seven days? How has He revealed His goodness within the realm of your life?

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