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So it begins...

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Ten years ago, if people had told me writing novels would be my life's dream, I probably would have laughed in their faces. After all, I was the kid grumbling under my breath whenever it was time for Reading Groups- the one slouching in my chair, the unwilling participant who was even known to utter the unforgivable words that I (gasp!) hated reading.

I know.

Once upon a time, being a novelist was as far off my radar as politics in Timbuktu, and while I don't know exactly when everything changed, I know it definitely did. I fell in love with reading. I poured through the complete Chronicles of Narnia in second grade (still the literary love of my life) , and realized maybe a career in math wasn't so appealing after all....

It was at the end of seventh grade that the idea for The Heir of Ariad first appeared. I wish I could remember the precise moment of Kyrian of the Rain Realm's birth, but my protagonist has come so far since then, I don't think I would recognize him even if I could. I've believed since the beginning that God has been my inspiration- planting the idea, nurturing it, and guiding me through three years of writing, editing, scrapping, writing, scrapping, tweaking, writing some more, until I had a story I was really in love with. Am really in love with. Thank the Lord.

Ten years ago, if people had told me my name would be on a book one day, I definitely would have laughed in their faces. But God works in mysterious ways, and so, here I am. Stepping out into the great unknown of authorship, excited, nervous, and a tiny bit terrified, but thankful for the gift of doing what I love, and doing it for Christ.

And so it begins....

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