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Shout-out to the Kyrian Crew!

I wanted to take this post to give a huge shout-out to all the friends and family who are always such a great support.

From the very beginning, The Heir of Ariad has never been just my project. My poor family has listened to every up and down, every roadblock, brainstorm, and revelation. They've watched me beat my head against the wall of writer's block, and endured me through weeks of moping around, waiting for inspiration to strike. Sorry, guys. You rock. Couldn't do it without you. (Fair warning: the sequel is next on the list, so brace yourselves for round two.)

That thanks also goes for my friends, and all the awesome folks who jumped in to support when they heard about HoA. Some of you didn't even know about the book, and some of you hear about it all the time (you know who you are!) but I want to give a huge, HUGE thanks to y'all for being so amazingly supportive. Thank you for the hugs and the laughs and the ideas, and thanks for sharing in my excitement!

I'm looking forward to sharing every step of this process with you, and hearing your thoughts and comments along the way. It's true that writing is not a one-person endeavor; Kyrian's story would look very different without the ideas contributed by the people in my life. Every bit of feedback, every suggestion has a part in shaping a story and connecting the dots, so thank you for your contributions... and thank you for being my crew!

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