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Secrets of Ariad: Meet the Blacksmith

In Acts 13:22, God declares David a man after His own heart. A shepherd boy. A nobody. Called out from a life of sheep and harp-playing to become a giant-slayer, a warrior, an outlaw, a king, and a man after God's own heart.

I've always loved David, so it's no surprise that a character appeared in The Heir of Ariad inspired by his example. Without further ado, meet Brondro Tarmilis: blacksmith, warrior, hero, traitor, legend.

Oh, and also the father of The Heir of Ariad himself.

In honour of Brondro's birthday, I thought I'd share a little glimpse of this Ariadi legend in the form of some facts that may or may not appear in the story itself. Not only will it help me to gain a better understanding of who Brondro is, but hopefully it will pump you up for his debut appearance in The Heir of Ariad, and the future prequel project, Tarmilis. Enjoy!


Eye Colour: copper brown

Hair colour: russet, earthy brown with some goldish under hues

Height: 5'7"

Body Type: broad-shouldered, muscular, stocky

Personality: Extreme Introvert

If he's in a crowded room, Brondro will find a corner and stay there. He's terrible at eye-contact. Public speaking is his worst nightmare and he would literally rather flatten his thumb with a hammer than talk about his feelings in front of people. He's a great listener because of it, though, and an even better friend.


  • nail-biting- followed by spitting, since his fingernails are perpetually coated in soot. (This habit didn't last long.)

  • raking his hair- a nervous/thoughtful/happy/frightened/angry/sad/frustrated habit that not only becomes Brondro's trademark, but passes to his son as well. (Watch for it in The Heir of Ariad and you'll see what I mean).

Favourite colour: "sunrise"

Pet Peeves:

  • moonfire dust (a fine powder used in the Skies as fuel for fire; the flame it creates is blue, heatless, and to a blacksmith, useless. Brondro despises it with a passion)