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Romanov, by Nadine Brandes: Review

Ex-princess Anastasia "Nastya" Romanov is the last hope for her family. As the Russian Revolution drives the royals into Siberian exile, Nastya hides magical spells from the Bolsheviks that guard them, hoping they will be enough to deliver her family.

But one Bolshevik knows her secret. And he is closing in. As the noose tightens around around the Romanovs, Nastya's only allies are her family, faith, and new, dangerous feelings for the Bolshevik guard who seems less Bolshevik by the day. Until there's a gun aimed at her chest, and suddenly Nastya might not have any allies at all . . .

This is my favourite Nadine Brandes book yet: I could not extract myself from Nastya's epic story and was enthralled by shock after shock in the ever-twisting plot. Nastya's voice as the main character is clever, honest, and relatable; Brandes wields her masterfully while integrating other delightful characters, including my personal favourite, Alexei Romanov. The plot started at a leisurely pace and was positively racing by the climax; add a perfect dash of romance, a hint of magic, and a message grounded in goodness over evil, and the result is a truly fantastic read.

Content Notes: in the back half of the novel, violence becomes a component. Especially in the climax, there are some gruesome moments that I found myself skimming. Romance is innocent and sweet, the Romanovs draw upon their faith for strength, and magic and spiritual values are interwoven without being mutually exclusive—extremely well done!

Five stars for Romanov. I couldn't wait to add this one to my collection!

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