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Predator's Gold, by Philip Reeve: Review

Since the Traction City of London fell, Tom Natsworthy and Hester Shaw have lived happily for two years, flying the Bird Roads in their airship, the Jenny Haniver. After an attack by a mysterious society known as the Green Storm, they seek refuge in the north aboard the city of Anchorage, on route to the dead continent of North America.

But plague-ravaged Anchorage is easy prey for the Predators of the north, especially when caught in the deadly throes of jealousy, deception, and vengeance.

Philip Reeve continues his complex world-building in Predator's Gold, the second instalment of the Predator Cities series. Like in the first book, I was immensely entertained by Reeve's quirky narrative style and impressed by the attention to detail in his futuristic world. Hester and Tom take centre stage, and garnished with a collection of excellent new characters, they anchor the story very well. Excitement, action, romance, and forgiveness are just some of the gripping positives in this novel.

Content Notes: language is kept to a single "d*mn." A smorgasbord of invented deities forms a cultural backdrop, a bit more prevalent than in book one, with the fake "gods" being equally as useless. No sex is shown, but we do learn that Tom and Hester sleep together, and that (SPOILER ALERT) Hester is pregnant by novel's end. The climax is surprisingly violent.

The concept of the Traction Cities continues to intrigue, and I hope to see more friendship, courage, and kindness shine through in the books to come.

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