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Perfect Peace and Hugs from Heaven

It's ten-thirty at night and I'm sitting alone in my living room at the close of another week. Exams are exactly two weeks away (oh, joy), and I've spent the last few days poring through the latest revision of The Heir of Ariad to send back to my publishing team for correction. Band is up and running again, school is full speed ahead, I'm trying to find time to learn how to market The Heir of Ariad in the midst of all the go-go-going, while still fighting to protect the precious time I set aside for God every day.

I told myself going into this new year that no matter how hectic things became, I would not allow my relationship with God to slide to the back burner. I'm glad I made that choice, consciously braced myself for Satan's attack, because otherwise I may have done just that and never even felt it happen. It's crazy how quickly other obligations can fill up my head and crowd out what's important. I get so stressed about the stuff I have to do, the boxes that still need to be checked and the tasks piling up on my mental to-do list, that I forget the one truth I told myself I would remember: that God's got my back, I'm not alone, and EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY.

Honestly, how many times have I lost my mind stressing out, only to have God remind me- yet again- that He's got this, He's in complete control, and my "problems" are tiny next to Him? Apparently it's a lesson I still haven't learned, because no matter how many times He proves me wrong, I can still feel anxiety bubbling up when things start to tip out of my control.

I found this passage in Isaiah 26 that wrapped me up like a hug straight from heaven.

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord forever, for in the Lord JEHOVA is everlasting strength. (Isaiah 26: 3-4)

I don't want to waste time this year on stress, fears and worries- especially since I am hardly the busiest girl in the world compared to so many others I know. I want to graduate from panicking before I pray and start TRUSTING like I mean it, for goodness' sake. And most of all, I want my mind to be stayed on God, the one and only surefire way to 100% PERFECT PEACE.

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