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Oh, the Lessons I'm Learning . . .

Writing The Heir of Ariad was a lesson in patience, awaiting God's inspiration in the steady, perfect doses that always came according to His timing, which (as an obvious aside) turned out to be perfect.

Publishing The Heir of Ariad was a lesson in trust, facing uncertainty after uncertainty, stress after stress, and needing to learn the key to breathing deeply in the peace of God's presence. To putting everything into His hands and letting go.

Marketing The Heir of Ariad is a lesson in courage, the kind rooted in faith and bolstered by all the promises of God's word. He has given me this story and guided me through every stage of its conception and birth; now He promises to be with me as I watch it grow, or maybe not, depending on His will. It's all good.

I've struggled deeply and often with despair during this process—with the despondent fear that this story will go unheard, that it will prove a waste of time, a waste of passion and resources and wholehearted, sweat-and-tear effort. In those times, I feel Satan's lies like fiery darts, infusing me with worthlessness, with a bleak sense of the future and God's sovereignty over it. Those barrages are not one-time attacks; they return in full-force when my spirits are down, seeing the weaknesses in my fortress of faith. But they pass, and when they do, God always finds a way to remind me that nothing is pointless, everything happens for a reason, and all things work together for good for those called to God's purpose.

The Heir of Ariad is a powerful, beautiful story, and if it touches even one heart, inspires them to seek a relationship with God or to seek greater depth in their relationship with Him, it will have been worthwhile. It already is, on a personal level, for the many spiritual lessons I've gained through it, and for the blessings that God has used it to shower upon me in so many ways.

Plus, y'all, it's just a really cool book. I can say that because it's God's work, not mine. :)

I am learning to be patient, I am learning to trust, and I am learning to have courage in the face of despair. God sets us all upon a road of life, and though the route may be hazy, our destination as His children is clear. I'm learning to remember that, at the end of the day, it's the destination that means the most. And the lessons in between?

They're bonus.

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