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My Peace I Give Unto You

The world outside my window this morning was blanketed in peace—gentle snow falling in heavy, silent flakes, a crisp white drapery over every branch and sprig, the air itself muffled by quiet. There was a stillness to it that demanded attention.

Peace is one of the many spiritual gifts that Jesus offers to those who follow him. He said, "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give unto you." Not just any peace, but his. The peace of Jesus, given as no one in the world can give—in total, unconditional love.

Sometimes I wonder if we spend enough time appreciating this gift of peace in Jesus Christ, this gift of security in the presence of God, our Creator, Saviour, and Father. Too often the noise and bustle of life drowns stillness beneath urgency and chaos; still more often, we misunderstand peace, and spend so much time waiting for a divine revelation that we miss those quiet, beautiful moments in which true peace fills us.

Peace is the gift of Christ to all those who choose to follow him. It is a promise, an unshakeable truth, foundational for a life in him. It does not always take the form of a miracle, a vision, or an angel in the clouds, and if our understanding of peace lies only in the extraordinary, we will miss the peace of simple security, the feeling of safety that comes with being redeemed children of God, held forever in His hands.

That is peace. Redeemed, eternal safety in the arms of Jesus—the deep joy of feeling his closeness, the gratitude of counting our blessings, or the unadorned beauty of a quiet, snowy morning, crafted by God's hand. It is untouchable by chaos, unshakeable by turmoil, so "Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid." We are children of the Prince of Peace.

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