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My Must-read, ULTIMATE Source of Inspiration

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Sitting in my living room and looking out on the flakes of snow falling gently from the sky, I can't help but feel inspired to create. After so many days of green, God has blessed us with a white Christmas Eve here in Puslinch- what could be more inspiring than that? A little later, I hope to hunker down with HoA: Book Two and make some Christmas progress, but for now, I thought I'd share another practice of mine that inspires me to write, and even helps with writer's block.

I've spent a good chunk of this morning reading in the Old Testament- (Kings, Psalms, Chronicles at the moment). I'm so fascinated by the saga of Israel's history, and the way the entire Bible unwinds in an epic tapestry all pointing to Jesus, whose birthday we celebrate this season! It reminded me that the Word of God really is the greatest source of inspiration a writer could have. The ultimate saga. The real best-seller. Complex, profound, personal, timeless, exciting, dynamic, divine, true, ALIVE. Reading the Bible is a reminder that God is the ultimate Author and Finisher- a glimpse into the countless threads He has woven and IS weaving into His grand design, which we are all a part of! That level of divine mastery is so inspiring to me, and so are all the incredible stories He has given us in His Word: Moses, Ruth, Joseph, Abraham, David, Jacob, Jeremiah, Daniel, Jonah, Paul, JESUS. The list goes on and on and on and on- endless stories and people, endless sources of inspiration. How can it NOT inspire us to create?!

Okay, so I'm biased. I've grown up with the Bible, I'm a Christian, and I know not every writer is in the same boat. But whether or not you have a relationship with God, or have touched the Bible in your life, this book is an absolute MUST-READ for anyone aspiring to a career in writing. If you want to become an amazing cook, you read an amazing cookbook. If you want to become an amazing writer, you read an Author's masterpiece. There's no greater source of inspiration in this world than the Words of the One who created it, and trust me, Kyrian of the Rain Realm would be the first to agree.

But that's a sneak peek for another time....

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