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Looking for Clean Fantasy? You and Me Both.

As someone who is constantly on the hunt for clean fantasy, there's nothing quite like those "Eureka!" moments when I stumble on a gem.

2020 has been a fantastic year for reading, not only because I've had more time, but because I've been more deliberate in narrowing my search. In the past, my strategy has been to pick up popular fantasy titles, start reading, then abort when they failed to meet any kind of clean standard. A flawed system—not only because I was expecting a truth-based perspective from a post-truth market, but because I wasn't actively searching for the avenues where clean fiction hangs out.

I've spent the last year reading as many titles from this list as I could get my hand on, and some of them have turned out to be really fantastic reads! I've blogged about a few (check out my current review line-up here) and plan to revisit some of them to add their reviews to the mix as well. I'd like to build a repertoire of clean fantasy options on this site for readers like myself, young adults with a hankering for fantastical wonder but an aversion to the wanton paths those stories often take.

I look forward to diving deeper into the world of fantasy fiction to provide you, dear reader, with as many wonderful options as possible. Until then, feel free to check out the website above and my current collection of fantasy and fiction titles. They're excellent places to start!

One more thing—if you have recommendations, by all means, share your thoughts! Comment on this post and I'll be sure to check out the books you think would be a good fit for the list. Your ideas are always a blessing, and I'll take as many reading hands on deck as I can get!

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