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Legend of the Lemon Squares—Why Job Training Is Straight From Heaven

Job training is no one's idea of a good time. All the uncertainty and awkwardness, the stupid mistakes, the overlooked details, the insecurity of comparing ourselves to the seasoned workers around us, the waking up at seven a.m. thinking about those lemon squares you left in the fridge last night without dating them . . .

As first-world problems go, it's got to be a top contender.

On a small scale, it's a glimpse into a mechanism God uses to grow us in life. It's a time of dependence on the person above us who has the answers and control. It's a time of humility, breaking down whatever competence we thought we had and reminding us of the truth—that we can do nothing on our own.

In fact, the job training headspace—of dependence and meekness and teachability—is likely closer to the attitude God wants for us than the confident worker headspace.

Food for thought, right?

Think about it. In those first few shifts when you're praying yourself through every minute, asking for strength and guidance and energy and competence, how long do you think that habit will last? When you know what you're doing and the job is a breeze, will you still feel the need to pray for strength and guidance and energy and competence? Will we still have humble, teachable spirits for those times when we do make mistakes, or will we grumble that this isn't our first rodeo and what does person X know about this anyway?

It's humbling. It's convicting. And honestly . . . it's encouraging. Because I can look at my twisted nerves and silly mistakes and obsessiveness and see God at work, nurturing me, growing me, giving me opportunities to represent Him in how I handle the messy moments, not the squeaky-clean ones. I can be thankful to have a job. Thankful that He will get me to a place of confidence, but will not allow me to skip the uncomfortable parts because He's all about the journey, y'all. Praise Him for that.

The lemon squares will be fine, and so will you. Trust God. Give it all you've got. Work hard. Be humble. And be thankful for every second of it.

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