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Introducing . . . the Stoofs!

It is my absolute honour to welcome to the blog the first installment of Brent Florica's King's Library Series, featuring the Stoofs!

Meet Zip, Basil, Reg, Pilkins, Milt, Pezz, Tobe, and Coot, a quirky cast inspired by the MagnaDoodle artistry of my three-year-old niece, and brought to life by my talented brother, Brent Florica. Created as a means of retelling Bible stories in a fresh and engaging way, the Stoofs are ready for their debut appearance in The King's Library: David and Goliath, releasing this summer!

While there are many children's books dedicated to Bible story retellings, The King's Library is truly an original concept. In David and Goliath, a cast of Stoofs in quirky costume re-enact the story of the giant and the shepherd boy using simple but clever illustrations, brilliant colours, and a timelessly powerful plot. The Stoofs bring a kind of eccentric humour to each vibrant illustration, and I love that three-year-old Autumn's boundless imagination is featured in every one of these characters!

The Stoofs and The King's Library are releasing this very summer, ready to make a splash, so be sure to subscribe at and order a copy when available for the little one in your life!

It's a Bible story they will not forget, and that's a Stoof guarantee!

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