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I Need You to Carry On

I'm trying to start a new habit.

I love going for walks down my country road when my head feels crowded with the things of this big ol' world we're just passing through. Sometimes I pray while I walk, but sometimes, especially lately, I listen to worship music. And though part of me itches against the idea that I need tunes to go for a walk—(FYI, I don't always)—most of me is thrilled about a new discovery I've made. The discovery that worship can happen anywhere, anytime, to silence or to music, though a great soundtrack helps.

My musical tastes vary depending on my mood, but recently discovering Tauren Wells has been a game-changer. So many of his lyrics touch me personally, and walking down sunny roads with words of praise filling my head and God's love shining down on me, I feel my own heart raising them up in worship.

"Though I might be afraid I will trust in Your ways I know Your hands are right there holding on. Help me walk out in faith Into the wind and waves And be my strength when all my strength is gone I need You to carry on."

These lyrics from a song called "Carry On" are proof that God speaks to us in moments of private worship. This song isn't even one of my favourites; I usually forget it's even a thing. But yesterday, walking alone and tuning my heart to worship, God spoke to me through these lyrics. Gave me assurance that I really needed. And through these words, He's teaching me how to pray in times I feel overwhelmed.

God uses music in powerful ways, but music has no power on its own. We need hearts of worship to know what a song is speaking to us, to hear God's voice between the lines, to turn the words into our own prayers and lift them back to Him in adoration. In a time when worship looks different for many of us, I thought this was a beautiful revelation. It's not about where you are, whether church or home or a country road. It's not about your position, whether in a pew or walking in the sunshine. It's not about what you're wearing—Sunday best or sneakers and a hoodie, it doesn't matter.

Go somewhere alone with God, and give Him a heart of worship.

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