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I Got Slapped in the Face Today (and Other Thoughts)

Don't you just love it when your daily devotion reaches out to slap you in the face?

I certainly do. Well, mostly. Some of the time. It kind of depends on the slap. Sometimes a spiritual message targeted to what we're going through can be incredibly encouraging. Other times, that bible verse, song lyric, or line from a devotional is a hard wake-up call we need, but don't necessarily want. In both cases is evidence of God's intimate involvement in our lives, but if you ask me, it's in the latter case that God's wisdom and our frailty connect in the most powerful way.

This morning, my message was, in a nutshell: "It's time to give up control." That might seem basic enough, but in the context of my own personal struggles, it was an arrow straight to the heart. Hard, pointed, and unyielding.

Now, like mine, the message you hear today might be a tad bit frightening. Sometimes God uses those poignant one-liners to wake us up, shake us from our comfort zones, and call us to something more—something beyond our limits, but not beyond His. And that is where the beauty lies, no matter how shaken we might feel by a challenging message from God: He knows where we need to be, and He will get us there. Our job is just to trust and obey.

So don't be afraid to crack open your Bible and ask God for instruction, for a glimpse of what's next. Don't be afraid of the words that seem written for you in a way that terrifies you a bit, that threatens your comfy status quo. God's Word is alive, and God's voice speaks through it, but He doesn't give instructions without the means to follow them. Wherever He's leading you today, believe this: He's got it all figured out.

Listen to the message.

Learn what it means for you.

Trust God to work out the details.

And with a heart of obedience,




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