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Happy Birthday to Kyrian!

It is my great pleasure to wish a happy birthday to my favourite hero, Kyrian of the Rain Realm, nearest and dearest protagonist to my heart! Today is April 15 (or 15 Rhosgus as it's known in Ariad), and on this date last year, at fifteen years old, I declared my pre-publishing manuscript finally, finally complete! In honour of the occasion, please enjoy this list of my favourite Kyrian facts!

Full Name: Kyrian of the Rain Realm

Birth Date: 15 Rhosgus

Height: 6'

Hair Colour: black

Eye Colour: black

"His eyes found hers. One was fairer than the other, like a dark pool overlaid with a sheen of pale frost. The other was obsidian black, but a warm black, not like the vast and cold night sky but like a dormant coal. Flame lurked behind them, waiting to set them ablaze." ~The Heir of Ariad

Personality Type: "The Protagonist", according to 16 Personalities. How very fitting.

Kyrian relishes times of solitude and quiet reflection, but commands a strong personality that tends to dominate when he walks into a room. He is respected for his passion, loyalty, and moral integrity, and known for the quick temper and reckless tendencies that make him both dynamic and unpredictable.

"He had always been that way. Reckless and impulsive and driven by emotion." ~The Heir of Ariad


  • Pulling his hand through his hair, a hereditary tic passed to him by his father (See my Meet the Blacksmith post)

  • squinting and blinking his faulty right eye

Pet Peeves:

  • Prejudice

  • Pointless grudges

  • Archery

Favourite Colour: twilight blue


  • Fist-fighting

  • Swordsmanship

  • Physical Strength

  • High Pain Tolerance

Positive Personality Traits:

Passionate, loyal, selfless, sensitive, courageous, determined, self-deprecating, kind, chivalrous, romantic, good-natured, valiant, amiable, charismatic.

Not-So-Positive (but still lovable) Personality Traits:

Impatient, hotheaded, occasionally proud, reckless, quick-tempered, easily discouraged.

Random Facts:

  • A childhood injury damaged his vision in one eye and ruined him for archery.

  • He shares a birthday with his twin sister, Salienne.

  • He suffered severe nightmares and anxiety in childhood.

  • He is 98% incapable of lying.

  • He rarely removes his sky-cloak even to sleep (fear of exposure).

  • He is powerful, valiant, and loyal to a fault . . . and he would be the last person to tell you.

Happy Birthday, Kyrian. You're my hero.

The Heir is coming. Are you ready?

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