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Greetings, from my hospital bed...

I'll admit, when I started this week in the wake of a wonderful vacation at Sauble Beach, the last thing I expected was to be admitted into the hospital by an unforeseen twist of medical circumstances. While I was aware of a less-than-stellar health situation, I definitely hadn't expected the sudden announcement that I'd be spending the next weeks as a patient.


I can't pretend I was thrilled, but after the initial shock, I recognized that this is God's will at work. Not only is it necessary for my own health, but in spending the last few days in the company of staff and fellow patients, God has revealed an opportunity to shine for a community of people I may never have met otherwise. I'm encouraged by the sense of purpose I feel, the calling to be an encouragement, a light, and a prayer warrior for those around me who need His love and strength.

It's a challenge, but one I am ready to accept, and I'm thankful for the courage God has given me through it. Already this situation has yielded so many blessings (some of which I hope to blog about in upcoming posts!) and I'm already floored by the wonderful power of God in the trials of life.

For those of you wondering, hope remains for The Heir of Ariad Book Launch! Lord willing, and with permission from the medical staff, I will still be able to make it to the Puslinch Library on August 24th to sign books and dole out thanks as planned. Stay tuned!!

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