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For Lack of Spare Minutes

When time slows down, it gives us a breath to slow down with it and savour our circumstances. To look at the little things and see what we may otherwise have glossed over for lack of spare minutes, or for lives packed to maximum capacity.

When time slows down, suddenly we have minutes in abundance. Suddenly we can spend time together doing nothing but being together; we can climb a tree or lay in the grass and stare up at the sky just thinking and praying and feeling God's Presence like the warm wind on our bare feet. When time slows become more aware of what busy lives so often choke into silence: the nearness of our Maker, and the multitude of blessings He hides in plain sight for us every day.

Stress is a factor in our lives—not always of the enormous variety, but of the smaller type: multitudinous jagged shards of uncertainty that lodge deep and overwhelm with strength of numbers rather than sheer force. It's an exercise in faith to place all these little fears in God's hands routinely, but it has other benefits as well. It can awaken in us a deeper thirst for a deeper awareness of His Presence.

In so many ways, the time we suddenly have in abundance is a spiritual blessing. We have quiet minutes to spend in our devotions, to spend in prayer, to spend drinking in the sunshine just being thankful, learning what God's Presence feels like. We can ask Him for improvement in the areas of ourselves that are in disrepair, and can then apply ourselves to actually making the efforts he prescribes, instead of forgetting our desire the moment we rise from our knees, neglecting it for a plethora of other things to do. We have time for these things. To work on our relationships with God. To count our blessings. To become stronger in the truth, more deeply anchored, more fruitful.

Today, let's pause to thank God for a blessing He's placed in our path, beginning with the time we have to do just that.

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