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Come and See Jesus!

At the start of the semester, a friend of mine took the initiative to resurrect a Christian club at our high school from a group that had existed in past years. It's been such a blessed and rewarding experience to meet with Christians every week within a school setting, and today more than usual, since, in the spirit of the season, it was the day of our Christmas service!

Shaking up our usual proceedings for the occasion was a lot of fun. We met in the school music room, sang carols to piano and guitar accompanyists, had a time of personal prayer, and closed with some Christmas charades—classic. A couple of us spoke short pieces on the themes of Advent (Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love), and I found it so encouraging to hear the true message of Christmas being celebrated between the walls of our school.

It can be disheartening, after all. Our society is Christmas-crazy and proud of it—few holidays are so cherished, so commercialized, or so anticipated—and yet, the more attention Christ's birthday receives, the more Christ is totally ignored. It's sad to see the living nativities becoming a thing of the past, the "Merry Christmas" greetings being altered in the name of political correctness, the traditional hymns being replaced, or sung by folks who don't care to know the meaning behind those well-known lyrics.

But despite the distractions and alterations imposed upon Christmas, its heart has never changed, and never will. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He was born that Silent Night, and he brought Hope, Peace, Joy and Love down with him. As long as there are those who still celebrate his birth, Christmas will be a blessed time of year, and a shining light that calls to all, Come and see Jesus!

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