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An Ode to Buba

Yesterday I spent my Christmas morning at the vet clinic, saying goodbye to my well-beloved and precious little guinea pig, Truffle.

It was a rough morning. Lots of tears. We brought our piggy home in a box, indisputably a pretty awful Christmas present, but since it's Thankful Thursday I thought I would endeavour to count some of the blessings Truffle brought us.

My personal first and only pet, Truffle/Buba was perfect for my family—a vanilla piggy with chocolate-dipped cheeks (on both ends), a caramel collar and a little toffee teardrop trickled from one eye. She spent her days in the middle of my kitchen and was just about the friendliest pig on the planet; I loved writing and reading with her cuddling in my lap, or watching her little chocolate bottom and pot-belly waddling around. She loved to snuggle, hopping into our laps between explorations of the kitchen, and always seemed to sense when her favourite veggies were about to be chopped, prepped, or otherwise extracted from the produce drawer.

I'm sure other piggy-owners out there will recognize most of these behaviours as standard, but well, our little Buba was special to us. Cute and sweet and friendly and happy, and a part of our family. We'll miss her. I'll miss her. Her absence is already felt, and as I stare at my blurred computer screen right now I wish I had my furry little sidekick purring in my lap.

I'm not sure exactly why the timing worked out this way, but I know that God is good, and He knows best. I'm thankful for the happy memories we'll always have to cherish, and for the blessing of Buba in all her happy years.

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