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A Time to Die, by Nadine Brandes: Review

Parvin Blackwater's Clock gives her little more than eighteen years to live, and at the last year mark, she knows she's wasted them. Desperate to do something meaningful before her Clock zeroes out, she dedicates herself to exposing the government's terrible treatment of Clockless citizens known as Radicals.

But when Parvin herself is denounced as a Radical and given a death sentence—exile —her last six months are suddenly inflamed with purpose. Survive. Save lives. Make her Numbers count . . . before she runs out of time.

Nadine Brandes strikes again with an action-packed, high-stakes futuristic novel that speaks to one of the core questions of humanity: What is my purpose? Not only does Brandes craft a story that is dystopian yet hopeful, futuristic yet grounded, jarring yet heartfelt, she does it while painting a powerful picture of God's sovereignty, goodness, and love.

Content Notes: violence is not excessive, but there are some gruesome moments, one of the most disturbing being an attempted surgery by one character on another. Amputations are sustained. Romance is innocent and completely clean, and there is no profanity of any kind. God is a very present component, which blends surprisingly well with this unlikely genre!

I would absolutely recommend this novel to anyone allured by unique world-building, high action, urgency, hope, and just a perfect sprinkle of romance.

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